Invisible Woman #1

Invisible Woman #1 is the beginning of a 5 issue miniseries following Sue Storm in a separate storyline from the main Fantastic Four title. The story occurs at the same time as the main title but involves only the Invisible Woman on her own mission. This limited series is the first time Sue Storm-Richards has had her own title. It digs into some of her past as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Credits and Thoughts

Mark Waid writes the series with artwork by Maria De Iulis. I absolutely love the artwork in this issue. The colors are amazing. Everything looks so smooth and the inking makes the characters pop off the page. The page I feature highlights Sue’s powers in the snow. The color drops out while she is invisible and contrasts her from the soldier. If you’re an art fan, buy this book just for the art. I’m also pretty excited for this story. I’m not sure if this causes any continuity holes with the Fantastic Four but it’s tied to the main title enough that is not too awkward. I definitely recommend picking this one up, especially if you’re a FF fan.

Invisible Woman in the snow

The Story

There are two time periods in the issue splitting the backstory from current events. The flash back is focused on Sue’s time with S.H.I.E.L.D. She and her partner Aiden have a mission that involves getting a Doctor over the boarder into Hungary. Using her powers to make the doctor invisible is working perfectly until one of the guards bumps into the invisible doctor and exposes the plan. They are able to complete the mission with out Sue having to fire a shot, which she has vowed to never do.

Back in the present, the C.I.A. calls on Sue as her former partner Aiden has been captured by a hostile government. He was able to get a one word message out before his capture that happened to be his nickname for Sue. She promises to not interfere, but she cannot let Aiden be tortured by a foreign government when she knows she can help. Nick Fury helps her with her mission but warns her that not harming anyone could get herself killed in this case.

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