Batman Universe #1

Batman Universe #1 is the beginning of a miniseries by Brian Michael Bendis. This 6 issue series will follow the theft of a $15 million jeweled egg and features tons of guests in the first issue. The Riddler is leading Batman on  a chase to find out who is behind this heist. Other characters who join us this is issue are Jinny Hex (descendant of Jonah Hex), Deathstroke and Green Arrow.

Credits and Thoughts

This one was not originally on my pull list but my local comic shop likes to stick things in my bag that they think I might like. They were correct on this one. Brian Michael Bendis writes this story with art by Nick Derington and colors by Dave Stewart. Bendis is really growing on me. This first issue of Batman Universe really takes off with action. If you missed it, try and get your hands on this issue and add it to your pulls. The art and colors are great. They down seem to stray too far from the main Batman series but are unique enough to be interesting. It feels a little more like the Batman I’m used to.

Batman in pursuit of the Riddler

The Story

Batman is after the Riddler after he receives a dark web message. Alfred is trying to stall the guests at Wayne Manor while Bruce is our trying to figure out what the Riddler has planned. The Riddler has tricked a bunch of stuntmen into dressing as him while he steals the egg. Batman catches him, but is ambushed before the police arrive. Batman notices the Riddler is genuinely afraid of something, but it isn’t him. After tracking down the original owner, Jinny Hex, Batman ends up tracking Riddler to Amsterdam.

Once there, Batman is again ambushed, this time by Deathstroke. It looks like Deathstroke is about to get the best of Batman until Green Arrow shows to take him down. Now that they have Riddler and Deathstroke, Batman must figure out what’s wrong with Riddler. And they need to find out the who and why of the theft of the egg.

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