Adventures of the Super Sons #12

Adventures of the Super Sons

Adventures of the Super Sons #12 is the last of the maxi-series that followed the Jon Kent and Damien Wayne as they fought child villains modeled after Earths villains. It was a long journey as the sons of Superman and Batman were looking forward to a summer of adventures together. They have been to the far reaches of the galaxy and met their future selves along the way.

Credits and Thoughts

Peter J. Tomasi writes the issue. Artwork is provided by Carlo Barberi and Matt Santorelli. Coloring is done by Protobunker. I’m very sad to see this one end. It has been a great story following these two. Art and colors complement the story well. This has been one of my favorite pulls each month and this issue wraps up the series beautifully. I highly recommend getting this entire series and giving it a read.

Jon and Damien Break Out

The Story

Adventures of the Super Sons has been an awesome story about the best sons in the DC Universe. The relationship between Jon and Damien is great. In the series wrap up, they are trapped in the Hyper Cube as Rex has planned his take over of Earth. They quickly learn they the Cube has a consciousness. In fact, Rex and his planet are the Cube’s creation that got out of control. They together devise a plan to stop Rex and prevent the Cube from creating any more. Once they have Rex trapped back inside the Cube and Earth is safe again, the boys can now get on with their summer. Only problem is, summer is over and it’s time to go back to school.

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