Stranger Things the Musical

Just be forewarned, if you haven’t seen Stranger Things Season 3 yet, there will be some slight spoilers. Nothing to give away the plot or anything. But I highly recommend that you watch the season before clicking read more. It’s better if you see this for the first time as you immersed into the binge. If you have seen the new season you might enjoy this.

Stranger Things Musical

In the final episode of the season, the Stranger Kids and Adults are in the heat of the final battle and all they need is Planck’s Constant. Dustin reaches out with his Cerebro radio for help in finding this number for the combination. But I’m order to secure this world saving code, he has to show off his singing pipes. I really don’t know what is better, the fact that they break into song while the world is ending, or the other characters reaction to what’s happening.

So browsing YouTube, I came across a video that a user named Stranger Mallow uploaded with a whole hour loop of the song. Why anyone would want an hour loop is beyond me. But it has gotten Stranger Mallow 7000 subscribers as of this post. So for you viewing pleasure her is a whole hour of the Never Ending Story by Dusty Bun and Suzie Poo. There is some mild language, one word, at the beginning if you don’t like that sort of thing.

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, and Gabriella Pizzolo, who plays Suzie, have some incredible singing voices. I imagine this is why they chose to stick this into the show. It was also a way to make the introduction of the character of Suzie completely memorable. Up until this moment, I was kind of sure she didn’t exist. The look on Erica’s face when Dustin breaks into the song is priceless. Then the cuts of the other characters desperately waiting to get the code is hilarious. Let us know what you thought of the song. Also, don’t listen to the whole hour. It can’t be good for you.

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