Marvel Merch SDCC

New Marvel Merch will be available as always at this years San Diego Comic-Con. I will not be going since I live on the complete other side of the country. But you can go an visit the Marvel booth and pick up some exclusive Marvel Merch. They have so much new apparel and goodies that you can’t get anywhere else. One of my favorite things was the Spider-Man 80th anniversary tee. I would also love to get my hands on some of the exclusive variant comics. Check out the video for This Week in Marvel showcasing the new Merch.

The New Marvel Merch

Marvel is bringing back the Scottie Young pins for the Comi-Con. My favorite is the Spiderverse set. I’m really into to Spider things lately. The Guardians set looked pretty dope too. The jerseys also look really cool. My son wanted all of them when we were watching the video. He also wanted a Dead Pool shirt but he’s never seen Dead Pool. Come to think of it he wanted every thing he saw. So it’s probably a good thing we live on the other side of the country. If you saw something you really liked or you’re going to SDCC, leave us a comment and tell us about it.

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