Apex Legends Season 2

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For all you Battle Royal Shooter fans out there, Apex Legends Season 2 is available now on PlayStation and other consoles. As for me, I’m really bad at all shooters so I haven’t played a ton of Apex. Getting yelled at by kids for dying every match is a little overwhelming. Years of playing turn based RPGs has dulled my reaction time. But if you’re playing or looking for a new Battle Royal game, give this a try. Check out the Season 2 launch trailer and tell us what you think.

Season 2

Apex Legends is free to play but the Battle Pass is 950 Apex Coins or $9.99. Or you can do like I would have to do and get the Battle Pass and 25 levels for 2800 Apex Coins. One great thing that came out of the Season 1 launch was I got to earn the Battle Pass in Fortnite. I’m just assuming they gave away a Battle Pass as a result of the competition. And yes, I’m just as bad at Fortnite as I am at any other shooter. But if you want to try it out with me and let me show you how not to play shooting games, leave me a comment and we will make it happen.

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