Pull List July 10, 2019

Pull List

It’s a big pull list this week. This is why I kind of hate bi-monthly titles. There are also a ton of other books that would be cool to read. Naomi #6 is out this week. I read the first couple of issues but dropped it in favor of other titles. I can’t believe I’m not getting Miles Morales Spider-Man #8 but I’m already getting so many Spider-Man books. There are a few #1’s you may want to grab as well that I’m not picking up. The mini-series Invisible Woman #1 starts this week. Cullen Bunn has Unearth #1 coming out for Image Comics. I do recommend his work if you like horror and supernatural. Anyway, go by your local comic shop and see what else might be of interest. Here’s my pull list.

The Pull List

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #25 – This issue start’s the second year for Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley doing ASM. We still don’t have a ton of answers about Kindred. It looks like we will see Electro in this issue.
  • Batman #74 – The Fall and the Fallen concludes and Thomas Wayne and Bruce continue their journey in the dessert. Any who’s in the Coffin???
  • Catwoman #13 – Lex Luthor has a proposition for Selina in this Year of the Villain issue of Catwoman.
  • Event Leviathan #2 – Lots of guests stars coming in this second issue of Event Leviathan. Lois leads the group of the finest detectives in the DC universe to find some answers.
  • The Flash #74 – Year one continues this week. The Turtle from the future has arrived back in time in Central City with future Barry in his grasp.
  • Marvel Action: Black Panther #2 – These Marvel Action titles are incredible. My son loves them and I love reading them with him.
  • Oblivion Song #17 – If you haven’t heard, Universal Studios has picked this up to make a movie. It’s another great story from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.
  • Superman #13 – Another Year of the Villain issue this week with Lex Luthor talking to Lois Lane. The description promises a big surprise at the end of the issue.

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