Uncanny X-Men #21

Uncanny X-Men #21 picks up where we left with the Emma Frost having lifted her mind control over the X-Men. She had erased herself from their minds as she unwillingly worked for O.N.E. as they planned to cure the mutant gene. Scott and the X-Men set out to find Emma and figure out what is going on at the Hellfire Club. This is the second to last issue before Uncanny comes to an end and House of X begins. As this story comes to a close, can the X-Men stop the eradication of the mutant race? I’ve not been a huge fan of this Uncanny run but I am excite to see how this concludes and I’m super excited for the future of the X-Men. I may have some spoilers ahead so if you want to read the issue first click on one of the links and pick it up.


This issue was written by Matthew Rosenberg, drawn by Salvador Larroca and colored but Guru-eFX. The art and colors are good. Everything has some realism to it and the colors are vibrant, making the characters pop off the page. I haven’t been a big fan of Rosenberg’s run on the Uncanny X-Men. It brings up the whole idea that death in superhero comics don’t really matter. It’s not like comics like the Walking Dead where if a character dies the best hope you have of seeing them again is a flashback or as a flesh eating zombie. I get it though, Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men and it is good to read his stories again. I am looking forward to what Hickman is going to to with the X-Men universe.

The Story

The X-Men seek out Emma Frost after she returned their memories. She is locked down in the Hellfire Club’s mansion. They easily get past the guards and inside while not knowing what they will find. Emma reveals her plan to stop O.N.E. To the reluctant X-Men. There is also the status of Wolverine, who was burned badly in the fight with General Callahan and the O.N.E. Soldiers.

X-Men arrive at Hellfire

Wolverine was taken but Callahan and his men back to O.N.E. The guards that made the trip with him are badly injured. The bring in Triage to heal their people but he provides just enough time for Wolverine to heal himself. All the X-Men meet back up with Wolverine as they try to execute Emma’s plan to stop the government’s eradication of mutants.

Wolverine wakes up at O.N.E.

After an intense battle, it looks as if all is lost until the soldiers just stop their assault. Confused, the X-Men try to compose them selves. The Emma Frost shows up with a new haircut, a scare on the side of her head, and what looks like the Cerebro helmet. Has she really done it? Has she erased the memory of mutants from the minds of all humans? If so the war to save mutant kind is over and peace has been restored for now. But this peace cannot last for ever can it? We will find the answers in next issues conclusion.

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