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Aero #1 Main Cover
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Spinning out of the War of the Realms New Agents of Atlas series, Aero #1 follows a Chinese heroine, Lei Ling, who has the power to command the wind. A young brilliant architect in ShanghaAero #1Spinning out of the War of the Realms New Agents of Atlas series, Aero #1 follows a Chinese heroine, Lei Ling, who has the power to command the wind.i, Aero is trying to balance her life as a Superhero and her life as a successful elite. I missed the New Agents of Atlas series but Greg Pak himself convinced me to pick this one up. Well, actually he retweeted someone else talking about this issue and it looked amazing. I’m also very interested in Pearl Pangan, aka Wave, who is a Filipino superhero with power over water. My son is Filipino so depending on how this series turns out, I’d like to introduce him to Wave and her superpowers. I may have some spoilers to follow so if you want to read the issue first, click the link of the title.


The first part of the issue, “Protector of the City” is exclusively about Aero. The writer is Zhou Liefen and the artist is Keng. I am not a huge fan of manga style art in general, but that’s just personal preference. If you are a fan of the style, you’ll like the art here. It’s not bad by any means. I picked up the Artgerm cover, I really love those. The second part of the issue is titled “Aero & Wave: Origins & Destinies”. This section was written by Greg Pak, drawn by Pop Mhan and colored by Federico Blee. this was my favorite part of the issue. The art is more traditional super hero comic and it focuses on Wave’s origin. I’m not sure going forward if Wave will be a part of the story or how that’s going to go.

The Story

There are two time periods at play in the “Protector of the City” portion. The past portion is just a picture of the life of Lei Ling. She works late to avoid distractions and hates traffic. She also forgets date night until her boyfriend calls to remind her. In the present, Aero is fighting a building that has come to life in Shanghai. This building is one of her designs. She sweeps for people left trapped before she finally takes it down. Saddened by having to destroy her own creation, Ling discovers there are two more buildings that have come to life. Looking into the sky, she sees what appears to be a city descending with the tops of the buildings facing down. As military jets close in, they see that it’s not a city at all, it’s alive. Now Aero has to prove herself as a superhero to save Shanghai.

The second story in this issue takes place following the events of New Agents of Atlas. Aero is with the Triumph Division as they celebrate but Wave is nowhere to be seen. Ling catches up to Pangan by the Philippine Sea. Wave was kicked out of the Triumph Division for fighting alongside Aero and the Agents of Atlas. We get to know Wave’s backstory and somewhat troubled past. She never felt like she belonged and was fooled by Alontek into working for them. Little did she know they were the bad guys until the Triumph Division showed up and took her in. Now she believes they will never trust her again. Just as Aero is about to try and find Jimmy Woo and set things straight, Red Feather shows up to claim Wave’s swords and armor. Now Pearl and Lei will face off together against the Triumph Division.

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