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The Walking Dead #193 will be the last in the long running series. Yesterday you may have seen that Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman announced that this issue of the Walking Dead will be the last. Outlets such as and report that Kirkman and Image confirm the end of a series that has run since October 2003. The comic creator stated that he did not want to drag on the series beyond what it had lived up to be all these year. If you would like to pick up a copy of this issue, you may want to hurry up to your local comic shop or pre-order the second printing.

While I have not collected the series, I have followed the inspired AMC show since it’s first season. I did however read many of the back issues through AMC’s comments assured fans that the ending of the comic does not reflect on the show. Last issue had the death of the series’ main character Rick Grimes. This final issue promises to be an oversized comic wrapping up the stories loose ends and saying goodbye to all the characters left standing.

Walker killed by sword

Perhaps the best part of this news yesterday was the fact that CNN tried to report on it Via twitter. CNN was attempting to report on the ending of the Walking Dead and relate it to the rise of Marvel’s Marvel Zombies. In doing so, their tweet read that Marvel closed the books on the series and not Image comics. They quickly corrected their tweet but with Twitters’ lack of an edit feature, it was too late. People ran wild on twitter to inform the news outlet that Marvel did not, in fact produce the series. I kind of feel bad for the person in charge of tweeting that story. But it did serve for some hilarious retweets and responses.

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