Spider-Man Far From Home

Happy 4th of July everyone. Like I stated before, we took our son to his first MCU movie in theaters today to see Spider-Man: Far From Home. The last movie I saw with him in the theater was Into the Spiderverse so we kind of have a Spider-Man streak going on. He will always tell you his favorite superhero is Batman but I think Spidey is coming in a close second. I won’t spoil anything in this post so don’t worry about that. I may do a post later with some details about the movie but after everyone has had a chance to see it.

I will say that I absolutely love the way Marvel Studios has done these Spider-Man movies. They changed enough to make it fresh and interesting. They are using characters that we are not used to seeing in movies, like Vulture in Homecoming. Also MJ isn’t Mary Jane Watson and Ned and Betsy are just awesome. It’s different, but they pull it off really well.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Without spoilers, I will say Gyllenhaal was great. He was absolutely perfect in this roll. The movie confirmed some of my suspensions had had from the trailer. If I had to explain how good this movie was, my son sat through the whole thing without a bathroom break. He can’t sit through a movie at home without pausing in the middle. As soon as the credits hit though we made a mad dash. Make sure you stay for the post credits though. We made it back in time to catch the last scene.

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