Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8

Get Guardians of the Galaxy Comics and Graphic Novels at TFAWFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 is probably my favorite of the series so far. It’s been a pretty deep series with some very relatable heartbreak. This issues we get to see a little more friendly in our neighborhood Spider-Man. Boomerang had blown a huge hole in the side of Aunt May’s F.E.A.S.T. Center. He was trying to help, but made things way worse than they needed to be. Spider-Man knows who was behind the break-in, so can he figure out the reason Prowler tried to rob a shelter? Tom Taylor continues to write this series. The art and colors are provided by Ken Lashley and Scott Hanna. This is your spoiler warning if you’re planing to buy the issue and want to read it first.

In the aftermath of the robbery/explosion, Spider-Man drops in on the investigation to ask for time to figure out what is going on. Luckily for him, Detective Sebbens is willing to allow him the time he needs to figure out what Prowler was trying to accomplish. It’s not everyday a masked vigilante gets cooperation from the police department. It is very curious why Prowler would target a shelter for a robbery.

Spider-Man working with the police
Spider-Man then goes to Hobie Brown’s home in order to figure out why he is back to being the Prowler after giving it up for so long. He also deduced his motive all on his own. The Prowler is working for the Business group that doesn’t want the shelter near their businesses. Right? Nope, that’s not it. In Peters defense though, it was the first thing I thought too. So why is the Prowler prowling again?
Spider-Man the world’s worst detective

Hobie was just doing a little digging into a crowdfunding company that he was using to help a friend. He suspects the money was never delivered to him. This is the same crowdfunding company that funded Aunt May’s Shelter. To get to the bottom of this, they enlist the help of the Rumor to break into Fairgray Pay and find out who is in charge.

Once Marnie infiltrates the Fairgray building, we see that a villain named Helminth is the one pulling all the strings. Marnie knows him from somewhere. I’m not too familiar with this guy but I’m assuming he has powers that resemble a tapeworm given his name. As Spider-Man and Prowler are about to go in, Marine warns them not to get close to Helminth. We will have to see how Marnie survives her encounter and is Spider-Man can save her without getting effected himself.

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