Fantastic Four #11

Get Guardians of the Galaxy Comics and Graphic Novels at TFAWFantastic Four #11 is a fun story about the youngest members of the team battling ordinary citizen problems. Well, some what ordinary. Last issue the FF had an old fashioned Yancy Street block party to help the kids get used to their new home. Afterwards, the adults went off to figure out what was going on with the War of the Realms. The kids were left back to keep an eye on Yancy Street and continue to settle down. This issue, everyone is back together battling some real world problems and some not so real world problems. Dan Slott is the writer for this issue with Jesus Aburtov as the color artist. The illustration is done by a team of four artists including Paco Medina, Kevin Libranda, Paolo Villanelli and Juanan Ramirez. This is your spoiler warning in case you want to go grab issue 11 before continuing.

This issue feels like a filler issue. Which is fine. You have to have those every now and then. The art and coloring are great and it goes along with a story element of the crystalline structure that comes through a breach. It really is an amusing issue too. The kids are competing against each other to get their licenses. Johnny, against all odds, predicts that they are dealing with a micro-verse. All because of a tiny parachute. And we get a new villain, or at least one I’m not used to.

Johnny Storm saves a skydiver

I’m not familiar with Gargantua at all. Her threat seems pretty minor as she gets talked out of her whole plan by Franklin. No big speech about the goodness in humanity or anything. Just teen angst about how much better she has it in her micro-verse. Who knows how much we will see of her in the future. There is also the a section of Dr Doom and the clean up after Galactus. Doom finds some cosmic powered clay and has a plan of what to do with it. We will get to that in a bit.

This issue focuses mainly on Val and Franklin getting their drivers licenses. There is also the small issue with dimensional breaches that keep popping up across New York. The coloring, especially in the first few pages is crazy vibrant. Which goes along with a breach that has brought a crystalline structure that refracts light, changing the colors around it. All while the team investigates these dimensional rips, someone calls the department of extra-normal motor vehicles (DEMV) about the kids driving. So basically now they both have to pass the driving test to continue to drive in the city.

Franklin and Val have two days to study and pass the test or they will have to wait another year. Val being a genius, learns everything there is to know about driving an extra-normal vehicle with ease. Franklin on the other hand struggles with every aspect. The best part is in the end, Franklin passes for considering the safety of his driving instructor while Val does not. It didn’t help that a rift opened up and turned the Fantasicars on autopilot to find it.

They all join up in the middle of the driving test to find Gargantua trying to expand the micro verse into overtaking our dimension. There is no big battle or anything. Val uses her cars technology to seal the dimensions rifts. This also happens to be what causes her to fail the driving test. Franklin gives his speech to Garganua to talk her out of destroying our universe. In the end we find out Dooms plan for the clay. He sends it to Puppet Master who is currently incarcerated in the Raft. We will see how they plan to use this cosmic clay to battle the Fantastic Four.

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