Action Comics #1012

Save 20-35% on Superman Pre-Orders at!Action Comics #1012 is worth picking up if only for the Daily Planet chirper feed on the first page. There’s lots of cool headlines to pick out. Hero’s in Crisis After Hours get picked up for two extra seasons. And Aquaman 2 will be a water ballet. There rest of the issue is pretty good as well. I was just going to just skip over that little intro but I’m glad I didn’t. Brian Michael Bendis writes the issue with Szymon  illustrating and Brad Anderson coloring. I’m not sure if Lois is modeled after someone here but she does look familiar. If you’re worried about spoilers, this is your warning. There is a lot going on in this one with plenty of action.

One thing I’ll go ahead and say is I wish Action Comics and the Superman series’s would remain separate. The events from recent issues of Superman are mentioned on this issue even though we haven’t seen Jon or addresses that whole situation in Action Comics. Also, Superman issues have not mentioned the Leviathan and their plot to restart civilization. It just seems weird that Superman leaves during the issue to go fight war that is a big deal in another series but barely mentioned here. Even still, I’m enjoying both series at the moment.

The criminal underground is still buzzing over the Red Clouds fight with Supermen in which Superman was forced to retreat. They keep tabs on his movements and make sure not to use the buzz words hat will surely get his attention. A new drug called apocalypse is hitting the streets and they plan to capitalize on Superman being off world.

Criminals track Superman’s movements

At the Daily Planet, there is apparently a video of Lois kissing Superman captured by Trish Q. This isn’t a huge part of the story but it seems pretty significant. I don’t know how you get around this without people putting two and two together. Of course people haven’t done it yet so we will see how that plays out.

The main story here is Robin Goode and her meeting with Rose/Thorn Forest. Rose has another personality in Thorn, who goes out at night doing vigilante work in Metropolis. Which would make sense in Gotham, but why is underground criminal activity rising in Metropolis. After beating up on some of the drug dealers she came across, Thorn was approached by Leviathan.

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