Stranger Things: Six #2

Buy Star Wars Comics and Graphic Novels at TFAW.comStranger Things: Six #2 is the second of four issues in this miniseries that is a prequel to the Netflix Show Stranger Things. The series so far has been an excellent complement to the show as we wait for season 3 on July 4th. This issue is written by Jody Houser. Pencils are from Edgar Salazar and inks from Kieth Champagne. Colors are done by Marissa Louise. This is your spoiler warning as I’m going to be talking about this issue in some detail. If you want to grab a copy of Stranger Things: Six go ahead and grab it. You will get a look into the experiments run on the children like Eleven. This miniseries follows a young girl named Francine or Six

Six dreams about the upside down

Six is getting to know the other kids and what their abilities are. Three tries to make up for lying to Six when they were outside. It’s going to be hard to gain her trust back as the two were set to go to prom and she had told him her secret before he was brought to the facility. Six’s visions had shown her in prom night her dad was going to go from crazy drunk to abusive because she couldn’t control her power to make him money.

Six also interacts with the twins, Nine, and they talk about missing trips to the big toy store. We still do not get a clear picture of the twin’s abilities. Dr. Brenner interrupts their conversation to show Six something. On their way, we meet Eleven for the first time in this comic. She is training and still wanting to make Papa proud. Dr. Brenner continues to walk Six to where the water chamber from the show is being built. It going to be interesting to see what happens to all the kids as the story leads into the beginning of the show.

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