Flash #73

Save 20-35% on Superman Pre-Orders at TFAW.com!The Flash Year One continues in issue 73. The Flash has caught the Turtle and is now learning to use his powers to help Central City. As Iris chased down a lead for a story, The Flash had to step in when things took a violent turn. Of course Barry saved the day for everyone, but did he get himself killed in the process. This issue is written by Joshua Williamson, drawn by Howard Porter and colored by Hi-Fi. This is your spoiler warning as I will be discussing the issues beyond this point. If you do not have your copy of The Flash #73 you should go pick that up now.

Barry made it back to his apartment after taking a bullet in the chest while saving Iris and some bystanders from the Rogues. He’s alive now but he will have to act fast to keep it that way. To make matters worse, Iris shows up and needs to talk after she basically put everyone in danger chasing that lead. I loved this whole sequence. The tension of could Flash remove the bullet before the bullet killed him. On top of the fact that Iris is inches away from finding out he’s the Flash, possibly Also finding him dead. Of course he gets the bullet out and just in time to catch Iris before she walks away.

Iris inches away from finding the Flash

Barry, still concerned about the future, goes to visit the Turtle in Iron Heights. This proves to be a mistake as Turtle knows that they are connected and he is the Flash. It’s awesome the way Turtles dialog is written. I tried to read it as it was but found my self speeding through it. It really captures a man trying to slow everything down. I kept imagining someone playing the character that way in live action. We get the Turtles origins through a flashback story from the villain himself.

Fluster from their encounter, Barry leaves shaking like he did when he first got his powers. He becomes a bit obsessed with stoping the future he saw from coming true, that he begins to try and solve all crime. As Iris is trying to talk an little sense into him, they are both blown back by a lightning strike. They look outside to see future Turtle with future Barry hav come back in time. Year one will continue into the next issue.

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