Angel #2

Save 10 to 50% off Serenity stuff at!The first issue of Angel introduced us to this version of the brooding vampire, Lilith the mother of all evil and a few other characters. Now in #2 we see Angel in Sunnydale. This issue was written by Bryan Edward Hill , illustrated by Gleb Melnikov and colored by Gabriel Cassata. There is a good mix of backstory and mystery in the issue to make you eager to dive deeper into the story. If you were a fan of the show and subsequent comics, you should be pleasantly surprised by the new twist you get in this reboot. If you haven’t read Angel #2, this is your spoiler warning.

Marius the Axe

I have to say, this issue was a bit all over the place. That is not unlike the first issue though. It’s at least two distinct stories going on with the flash back and the current events. One thing in particular is the beginning with the whole Marius the Axe segment. I’m not sure where that is going but I don’t mind the mystery. I’m sure we will get some sort of tie in from the past to the present.

Angel #1 left us with one of Angel’s good friends killed when his daughter burns their house down. Some sort of technology demon or vanity demon did something to the daughter through her phone. Angel has come to Sunnydale to investigate. He quickly encounters Lilith and demands answers but just gets poetry and riddles.

It doesn’t take long for the demon to select his next victim. Posing as an interest boy to one of the girls who knew the first victim, he preys on her insecurities. Whatever he is doing to the girls involves a digital image of some kind that drives them insane or let’s him take control. This new victim volunteers in a mental hospital. We meet a girl in the hospital named Winifred after the newest victim is turned. I have to assume that this is Fred from the original show.

If that’s true it’s an interesting twist on one of the main characters from the original cast of characters. Brewster, the girl who is currently under the influence of our demon, attacks Winifred just as Angel shows up to stop her. The demon is about to get the drop on Angel, but Angel is prepared enough to know it’s coming.

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