Amazing Spider-Man #24

Amazing Spider-Man

Get Guardians of the Galaxy Comics and Graphic Novels at TFAWAmazing Spider-Man #24 is fresh off the heels of Kraven’s plot in Central Park. Peter’s vision of MJ has proven to be false, at least for now. And it’s time to start moving on in the aftermath. But why can’t Peter get that vision out of his head? Credits for issue 24 include Nick Spencer writing, Ryan Ottley penciling, Mark Morales and Cliff Rathburn inking and Nathan Fairborn coloring. This is your spoiler warning so if you don’t have Amazing Spider-Man #24 go and pick it up.

Peter and MJ get to spend some quality time together now that Kraven is gone and there is no big threat. MJ has been noticing that Peter is distracted by the things he saw when Kraven poisoned him. It’s good to get to see them enjoy a little downtime. It’s kind of the calm before the storm we all know will come eventually. We know there is the bandaged man, or as I like to call him centipede man. Kraven’s son has basically become the new Kraven. We don’t know what is going to happen with Doc Connors. There is just still a lot of unresolved problems that spring from the whole Hunted arc.

This issue focuses a lot on Mysterio in the asylum. I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Mysterio since the issues started over at #1. His psychiatrist is trying to get him confront his fears of the time he says he died and went to Hell. The centipede man eventually shows up as the psychiatrist leaves and attempts to get Mysterio to say his name. As he refuses, the centipedes kill Mysterio while he lays on the couch. Centipedes are creepy anyway, much less when they are big enough to rip your arms off.

Kindred about to kill Mysterio

After Mysterio is dead, the man turns and addresses Peter, show that this was all some sort of nightmare or vision the Peter was having. He doesn’t reveal his identity yet but he gives us something to call him, Kindred. So was Kindred involved in the poison that Kraven gave to Peter in Central Park? Was he working with Kraven all along also? I like that they are slow playing the reveal and leaving an air of mystery. Maybe next issues we will dive a little deeper into Kindred.

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