Skyward #14

Find out What's Next From Image Comics!Skyward #14 is part four of “Fix the World”. Skyward is an awesome series about what happens when gravity is broken. Not being pulled down to earth, people are just hurling toward the atmosphere unless they have something to ground them. The story follows Willa, a messenger who is not comfortable flying around and on the ground. The creative team of Joe Henderson, Lee  Garbet and Antonio Fabela bring this world of low G to life beautifully. This is your spoiler warning. If you want to read this book I highly recommend you go pick up a copy.

Hopefully it wasn’t a floating puppy

Willa has found her long thought dead mother in an underground city. But instead of being able fix the world, she only found a bunker that was build save the people. The farmers that provide food for the city dwellers are riding their giant bugs to Chicago to take over the city. And Willa and her mom have a plan to stop them.

Willa and her mom fly into the city just as Lucas and the other farmers arrive at the edge of Chicago. The bugs cannot get into the city because there is a signal is emitted in the city that drives them crazy. You would think you could never be intimidated by a butterfly until it’s twice your size and ready to eat you. The farmers plan is for Serena to turn off the signal while the rest of the farmers wait outside the city negotiating a surrender. Of course the mayor declines the offer thinking they cannot get into the city.

Lucas is always angry

Willa has a plan to first get her all her former messenger friends ready to save the citizens from floating into space. The second part is to convince Serena to work with them against Lucas. Serena does agree to help after finding out Lucas is the one who burned the farm in order to get the farmers to attack the city. In the end, they stop the attack and Lucas is apprehended. It looks like #15 is the last of the series and the conclusion of Fix the World.

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