Firefly #7

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Last issue of Firefly left us with Mal in the clutches of Boss Moon. Zoe had left the crew to go after him.  And Leonard seeming to make Simon jealous over Kaylee. This is your spoiler warning but you can still grab Firefly #7. This is a great series, especially if you were a fan of the show and movie. Joss Whedon’s characters experience new adventures that take place between show and the movie, while exploring the character backstories. If you have never seen the show or movie you are severely missing out. I highly recommend checking them out. 

Wash is getting the Serenity air-born to go after Zoe but Jayne, River and Simon are still on the ground on Nazareth.To make matters worse for Jayne, he’s being arrested because Simon told the sheriff he was Wash. Poor Jayne. Not really, he probably deserves all of that. Wash speeds off to catch up to his wife but Kaylee is not willing to leave River and Simon behind. She takes Inara’s pod to go back to Nazareth with Leonard tagging along. If you read the description and saw the cover and were expecting more of a development on their relationship this issue, you’re out of luck. There is a moment where Leonard vows to protect her before they get in the pod, but the rest of the comic follows the rest of the crew.

Jayne's not Wash. Or is he?

Zoe leaves the Serenity behind easily with her crew of browncoats. Seeing Wash feeling hopeless, Shepard and Inara devise a plan to go to New Magistrar. Confused at first, Wash steers the ship to the Alliance Regional Capital. The plan seemingly involves using their contacts on New Magistrar to mess with Boss Moon’s commission to find and arrest Mal. Meanwhile, Mal and Boss Moon are fighting for their live on Seven Beta Niner. They have to work together to keep from both getting killed by the creatures that inhabit the planet. The agree on a truce, at least until they can get to the Alliance Depot and go their separate ways.

Zoe looks over her browncoat crew and finds a young boy among them. Not wanting any harm to come to him, she trys to send all the crew under 18 back home. None of the crew volunteer to fly the pod back however. So she continues on with the plan to reach out to all the loyal browncoats that can help save Mal. She also makes it clear that they are not starting a war, just rescuing a soldier.

Back on New Magistrar, the Serenity crew head out to gather their contacts. Inara separates from Wash and Shepard in order to reach out to one of her clients. Shepard Book and Wash head to the Market Alley to gather some information from down there. They quickly find someone who knows exactly what’s going on. The browncoats are coming together to go to war!!!

This issue was written by Greg Pak. Dan McDaid provided the artwork and Marcelo Costa did the coloring. This book is very well paced and has enough story advancement to keep it interesting throughout. Greg Pak is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. The characters are captured very well and the art fits with how I feel portrays the vibe of the original show.

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