Tom King out in Batman #85


Save 20-35% on Superman Pre-Orders at!The previous rumors about Tom King leaving the Batman series at issue #85 have been confirmed. gives some insight into this news as king is leaving 15 issues earlier than originally planned. DC has not announced who will be writing Batman after #85. King will continue with his own Batman/Catwoman book that will run along side the main Batman series.

It was not too long ago that King was talking to The Hollywood Reporter about his planned 100 issue run on Batman. He states that City of Bane will be the turning point if Batman’s story, but he also hints that the last 15 issues of his run could change the character for a generation. So, it leaves me wondering if someone at DC got nervous with the direction King was going and pulled the plug. It stands to reason that something changed their mind and the issues coincide with King’s comments.

As for me, I’m actually pretty excited for City of Bane to start. It has been tough to watch Batman catch so many L’s back to back each issue. I’m ready to see Batman stand up and be Batman again. I’m also curious to get into the Batman/Catwoman series King will be working on with Clay Mann. Newsarama also notes that the regular Catwoman series will still run along side of Batman/Catwoman in 2020.

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