Batman #73

Save 20-35% on Superman Pre-Orders at!Batman #73 was one of the better ones in the Fall and The Fallen arc. This arc will conclude with #74 and City of Bane starts in #75. I’m looking forward to the return of Catwoman in City of Bane. I’m also hoping the story picks up a little steam as these last couple of arcs didn’t seem to advance very much. So, for this issue, here is your spoiler warning. If you would like to pic up a copy of the issue, go grab Batman #73 now.

We start with Thomas Wayne, or Flashpoint Batman if you will, carrying Bruce on a horse through the desert. Bruce is still recovering from the Knightmare drugs and the beating he took while he was kidnapped. We also know that Thomas Wanye is trying to help Bane get rid of Batman. So what are his motives out here in the desert. He is confronted by a group of desert ninjas called the Death. He quickly dispatches the entire group as he sings Home on the Range. He pretty much sings this song the entire issue. Also, I forgot to mention, he is dragging along with them a COFFIN?!?!?!

As for who or what is in the coffin, we’ll get there in a minute. Bruce finally come to and starts to deduce what is going on. Thomas tells him they are going to Khadym, but leaves the rest for him to figure out. After shaking out some cobwebs, Bruce remembers that the Nain Pit is rumored to be in Khadym. He also deduces that the only reason Al Ghul would send the Death after them would be to prevent them from reaching it. So this pit has to be something even more powerful than the Lazarus Pit. So who is in the coffin? While Thomas does not directly state it, his comments suggest that Bruce is correct in saying it’s his mother.

Bruce and Thomas talk

Is Thomas Wayne really going to resurrect Bruce’s mother to keep him from being Batman again? Does this pit actually exist and what other properties does it have that the Lazarus pit does not? Tom King writes this issue with artwork by Mikel Janin and Jordie Bellaire coloring. I have to admit, this issue at least partially made up for my disappointment in the previous one. I’m actually excited to see how this arc concludes. Hopefully City of Bane will keep this momentum going. Consequently, there is some other Tom King news that has been confirmed. Go check that out as well.

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