The Amazing Nightcrawler #5

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Amazing Nightcrawler #5 is the last of this Age of X-Man mini-series. I had an idea of how this might turn out after last issue but I was way off. At least I think I was. As usual, this is your spoiler warning. You can pick up this issue here if you want to read it first. To get the whole story, you need to start with Age of X-Man: Alpha, read these 5 issues and pick up Age of X-Man: Omega when it is released on July 17th.

Kurt and Meggan are in big trouble as they are surrounded by their friends who are under the control of the Cuckoos. In the Age of X-Man, everyone is a mutant so that there is no more war between mutants and humans. Everything seems perfect. But relationships are forbidden, and anyone who disobeys the rules has their mind wiped and get reeducation. So the fact that Kurt and Meggan fall in love has made the Cuckoos turn against them. The telepathic sisters reveal to Kurt that this is not the first time they have fallen in love and had their mind wiped.

Kurt has to act fast to get TJ out of harms way before grabbing Celeste for a little chat. After the plot has been revealed to him he realizes he has left Meggan with the other Cuckoo sisters and the mob they are controlling. Meggan, having shifted into Mystique, is jolted back to her right mind when Kurt teleports her high and drops her. It’s ok, she’s always bragging about how she can fly. They all meet back on the roof as Celeste explains that if they did not erase their memories of their love, eventually Department X would find out and they would be sent for reeducation. Kurt strikes a deal with Celeste that he will not resist her mind wipe if she lets Meggan and TJ go without altering their minds.

Afterwards, we see Kurt has a new leading lady in Noriko Ashida. He appears to have no memory of what happened between him and Meggan. This issues credits include Seanan McGurie writing, Juan Frigeri drawing and Dono Sanchez-Almara coloring. I’m a little bummed that it’s the last of the Nightcrawler series. But the Omega conclusion looks to be really exciting. The art and colors capture the environment well as it appears everything is wonderful on the surface. You wouldn’t know the crazy plot to mind wipe any dissenting opinions.

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