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Pull List June 26, 2019

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Here is my pull list for June 26th. It looks like I’ll be getting 6 books this week. I’m not 100% sold on the Spider-Man Annual. I did thoroughly enjoy Into the Spiderverse so it might be worth it. But anyway, here’s the list.

  • Action Comics #1012 – This is the first issue of Action Comics since Event Leviathan began so we will see how everything ties together. I’m not usually to excited about events and tie ins but this has been really good so far leading up to Even Leviathan.
  • Spider-Man Annual – Like I said, this may get left at the comic shop but I’ll have to see when I get there. It features Spider-Ham but more interesting form my is Spider-Gwen. She was my favorite character from Into the Spiderverse so i guess it depends on how big of a role she plays.
  • Amazing Spider-Man #24 – Leaving the Hunted story behind, what is next for the web slinger? I’m hoping we get some more insight into the bandaged man that has been stalking Peter and Mary Jane.
  • Fantastic Four #11 – This has been a fun new volume in the Fantastic Four series. Last issue we got to see the kids settle into their New York home for the first time. This issue will see them attempt to get a driver’s license. Of course with the Fantastic Four, it’s never as simple as passing a driver’s test.
  • The Flash #73 – Chapter 4 of Year One for the Flash. I believe this concludes the Year One arc. Last we left Flash he was injured by the Rogues while trying to save Iris.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 – Trying to stop a break-in at Aunt May’s F.E.A.S.T. shelter, Peter was interrupted by his roommate, Boomerang. Now he has to get help from the Rumor to figure out what Prowler was up to in the first place.

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