Superman #12

Save 20-35% on Superman Pre-Orders at!Superman and the entire house of El is all together in one place. That place just happens to be where Rogol Zaar and the Phantom Zone escapees are. This is your spoiler warning but you can go an grab the issue, Superman #12, and get caught up on the action. This is part 6 of the Unity Saga, which has brought all of the surviving Kryptonians together to uncover the truth behind what happened to their home. Will they be able to survive the Phantom Zone escapees and find the answers they need?
House of El Together

Kara, Clark, Jon and Krypto (the dog if you didn’t know) are all busy fighting Rogol Zaar while Zor-El is attempting to get his ship operational to get them all out of harms way. Kara has Zaar’s power staff that she took from him back on Earth in her quest to find the answers they all want about the destruction of Krypton. Superman knows that the fact that she is there with the staff means she has found something.

Superman and Zod clash but something seems off about the encounter. We learn later that Zod pushes them both into super speed to accuse Jor-El of being apart of the plot to cover up Krypton’s destruction. He also asks Kal-El for help in uncovering this plot. Superman is reluctant to listen to Zod, but at the moment it seems he’s the only on being forthright with him. The heroes manage to get on Jor-El’s ship and escape. Supergirl has a mission to seek out Gandelo, a genocidal Empress she believes has some answers. She take Jon with her to find and confront the Empress after some debate with Superman.

Superman confronts Jor-El about what Zod said in super speed. Jor-El is not forth coming with information just yet but Superman can hear that his heart is pounding. The arrive at their destination, Krypton’s remains. Will the truth behind it’s destruction finally be revealed? This issue was written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Ivan Reis. Joe Prado and Oclair Albert provide inks and Alex Sinclair does the coloring. The art throughout was great with my only complaint the double page spread where you had to turn the book sideways. There was a ton of stuff on those two pages but I’m just weird about turning books on their side. I look forward to the answers to these many questions.

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