Oblivion Song #16

Find out What's Next From Image Comics!Oblivion Song has been another good read from Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici. If you don’t know, Kirkman created The Walking Dead and other books for image comics. This is your spoiler warning so if you want to read the book first, go grab it here. It is an awesome story in which people have discovered another world overrun but all kind of strange creatures. The bad thing is, they discovered it when they opened a breach between worlds and let those creatures loose on Earth.

Over the last couple of issues, we’ve been introduce to the so called faceless men. We don’t know much about these humanoid creatures with no discernible facial features. It’s not clear what they are doing with the humans they capture or what their motives are. We do know they have captured several people from oblivion and attacked a group from Earth. Nathan breaches over to Oblivion to find and bring Marco back as he was the one that was left behind. He tracks down the faceless men and gets Marco but not without making a large creature very angry.

Back on Earth, Director Ward confronts Heather for not letting him know that Nathan was going over. With their history, it’s obvious that everyone is on Nathan’s side but the rules require clearance before traveling to Oblivion. Nathan returns with Marco and they now have to figure out what is going on.

Meanwhile, the Oblivion group that was captured has been released from the floating bubble cocoons. The faceless men are leading them some where but they are telling them they won’t be harmed. Ed has mounted a giant flying creature to find the group and bring them home. He finally catches up to them but he is shot out of the sky by some sort of laser canon. We then find out that another human, one that was a part of Ed’s camp, has been directing the faceless men to capture the others. He plans to track Ed back to his people, but does he plan to hurt them or help them?

Like I said before, Robert Kirkman is doing the writing. Lorenzo De Felici is doing the art work and it is absolutely amazing. The duo has created an amazing world with so much bizarre landscape and inhabitants. Each issue progresses the story at a good pace without rushing plot points or adding a bunch of filler issues. This book usually goes to the top of the reading order when it comes out. If you haven’t started reading yet, make sure and pick up some issues. There is other big news about this series in our news section you should check out.

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