Gameranx – 10 Things About PS5

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Gameranx has done a very good breakdown of the information learned in Wired Magazine’s interview with Sony’s Mark Cerny. I’m not going to get into all ten because the video explains it better than I ever could. But I will hit some highlights.

First off the backwards compatibility should be nice. I’m not a fan of giving up all my games for a new console since I will likely be trading my PS4 in for the next gen PlayStation. But if I’m being honest, I’ve heard this backwards compatibility thing before. With PlayStation 3, it was said you would be able to play PS2 games. So I held onto my Final Fantasy 12 game with the hopes o would finish it on my PS3. Nope, the backwards compatibility for PS3 was extremely limited. So I’ll wait to get too excited until the launch gets closer.

The other thing for me is the Solid State drive. This feature should have a very positive effect on game load times. I know I’m probably not the only person to be playing into the wee hours of the morning and actually fall asleep waiting for a load screen. Of course this might inspire developers to make such large and complex environments that the load times stay the same but the game is larger. I doubt that but some GTA players think they can manage it.

The last thing I’ll cover is the release date. No we did not get a date but we know it’s not going to be in 2019. Which is good for gamers who are not that ready to drop a bunch of money on a new console. We still have time to save up. But for gamers who have wads of cash laying around, I guess you’ll just have to wait. Make sure to check out Gameranx on YouTube and subscribe for more videos like this.

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