Marvel Action: Spider-Man #5

As always, I will be discussing specifics of this issue of the comic so if you do not want to spoil the issue before reading it stop reading right here. If you want to get caught up with a physical copy of this or any other issues, head right to and get caught up. If a physical copy is not your thing, you can sign up at where you can get caught up on a ton of titles with digital issues. Their unlimited subscription lets you read many back issues for a monthly fee.

If you’re not familiar with the Marvel action books, they are put out by IDW and are all-ages stories of your favorite Marvel characters. My son and I are currently reading the Spider-Man and the Avengers books. He loves them, I love them, it’s just an excellent bonding experience for us to enjoy the same books and be able to experience these stories together. I highly recommend these books for reading to your younger kids or if you just like all-ages stories they really are excellent stories for anyone who enjoys be characters.

What makes this series so awesome is the fact that you get Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales working together as Spider-People and learning their powers as the try and balance being teens and superheroes. In this issue, we are introduced to Kraven the Hunter and his children Ana and Alyosha. J. Jonah Jameson has hired the Kravinoffs to find and expose Spider-Man for and exclusive in the Daily Planet. This arrangement comes to a close when Karven grows tired of Jameson’s constant questions and demands. Kraven quickly finds out that there are more than just Spider-Man keeping the streets of New York safe. The villains send Avenger lookalike robots created by the Tinkerer to gather data on the Spider-Team’s strengths and weaknesses. Kraven is going to use this information against our heroes to further his plan to publicly unmask Spider-Man and prove he is superior. Will he be able to best our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Can the Spider-Team work together against the fake-Avengers and the two newest Spider-People get the hang of their new web shooters? Can Miles and his friend Ganke get rich by loading web shooters with silly string and selling them as party favors? I mean, I’d buy one.

This issue was written by Erik Burnham, drawn by Christopher Jones and colored by Zak Atkinson. The whole family and I enjoyed every aspect of the book. The artwork is amazing and the story is in fact great for all-ages. From Gwen having to deal with two super powers nerdy boys in Peter and Gwen, to the real threats to the city from robbers and super villains, the stories are packed with action. And we are gradually learning the differences of the powers that are manifesting in the three Spider-People.

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