Uncanny X-Men #19

As always, I will be discussing specifics of this issue of the comic so if you do not want to spoil the issue before reading it stop reading right here. If you want to get caught up with a physical copy of this or any other issues, head right to mycomicshop.com and get caught up. If a physical copy is not your thing, you can sign up at comiXology.com where you can get caught up on a ton of titles with digital issues. Their unlimited subscription lets you read many back issues for a monthly fee.

Fresh off the reveal that Emma Frost has been involved in this whole series of events along with Mystique, this issue gives us the details of her involvement. Under pressure from O.N.E. and after being tortured, Frost reveals to General Callahan that Hank McCoy has a serum that cures mutations. As the Black King of the Hellfire Club, Emma has been manipulating the X-Men to take down her enemies and also reluctantly do what General Callahan asks of her. But in the end, Wolverine has caught up to her as it looks like a showdown is brewing.

The issue is written by Matthew Rosenberg with art from Carlos Villa, Carlos Gomez and Bob Quinn. Coloring was done by GURU-eFX. Everything is wonderfully drawn and no panel or detail is wasted. The story is good as well, giving us a look at recent events from another perspective. I’m thinking this is all leading up to the end of the Age of X-Man and the return of the X-Men who have disappeared. Will the next issue bring the other remaining X-Men to the fight with the Hellfire Club, or will they remain in the dark?

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