Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5

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I was so nervous after last issue, and then I got a glimpse of the cover and was almost heartbroken. Xander was on of my favorites in the Buffyverse and I didn’t want to believe he might turn. I read this first out of this weeks books because I just had to know if there was someone going to save him before he got bitten or if he would escape by himself. So this issue has at least some of the answers.

It is written by Jordie Bellaire, drawn by David Lopez and colored by Raul Angulo. The artwork was good but if I’m honest, some spots were a little weird for me. In a few panels the character’s eyes were kind of wacky. But for the most part it was good, like where Buffy rips a vamps arm off and the closeup of Buffy with tears in her eyes. Those moments were captured really well. The story was excellent, especially since it leaves me with some hope of getting Xander back.

I think it was really well written to still have hope and not have some crazy, unbelievable escape (I’m looking at you Walking Dead TV back when Glenn climbed under the dumpster). I would have liked to see the interaction with Buffy and Anya though. The build up to finding out what happens with Drusilla and Xander was pretty good and the sequence in which the story is told leaves you a little on edge. So if anyone was wondering what it’s like to be between death and a demon, it feels like a big toe.

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