Fantastic Four #10

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As always, I will be discussing specifics of this issue of the comic so if you do not want to spoil the issue before reading it stop reading right here. If you want to get caught up with a physical copy of this or any other issues, head right to and get caught up. If a physical copy is not your thing, you can sign up at where you can get caught up on a ton of titles with digital issues. Their unlimited subscription lets you read many back issues for a monthly fee.

Fresh off their battle in Latveria with Dr Doom and Galactus, not to mention Ben and Alicia’s wedding, the FF are back on Yancy Street, getting used to their new home. Sue and Reed’s kids are not too excited about this boring old street in New York. This is in the middle of another one of Marvel’s big events, the War of the Realms. I’m not going to be buying all the books associated with this event, so I hope I can keep up with everything that goes on. It’s written by Dan Scott, drawn by Paco Medina and Kevin Libranda, and colored by Jesus Aburtov. I got the regular cover by Esad Ribic.

So Valeria is missing the wonder of traveling the universe and Franklin is trying to deal with the fact that any time he uses his power, he loses some of his power. Of course any teenagers are going to struggle with big changes in their life, much less a change as big as what they have gone through. And this is the first time they have had to really settle down and think about their new lives.

So to cope, Valeria has built a giant signal booster to try and text her friends she left behind and Franklin is trying to destroy all his memories of his power and their adventures. Franklin also has a run in with a kid at school who is trying to see what the new kid is all about. It’s ok though, they work things out in the end. To help the kids settle into their new neighborhood, Ben decides to throw a big block party for everyone to get to know each other. But of course you can be a super hero family and throw a block party without some fiends from another realm showing up to crash the party.

All of Yancy Street comes together to try and fight back against this threat as Sue I’m unable to hold them back with a force field for very long. As it turns out, Valeria’s signal booster is what is attracting the horde to their street so they quickly have to destroy it to drive them away. In the end, the threat is averted and the kids get more comfortable with their new home. The adults set off to find the source of the threat and see why their communications are down. And there is a genius kid from Yancy Street with an pet T-Rex.

The art work is beautiful with all the characters well drawn and colored. I like that the kids look so much like younger versions of Reed and Sue. My favorite panel was when Franklin was burning his journal in his room. We glimpse what appears to be a Spider-Man pop figure and I’m still trying to figure out the clock on his wall. This was a good issue to kind of settle the characters down in their environment with all the crazy action from the first nine issues of this volume. Now what comes next for the FF, will we be following the adults into the War of the Realms, or will we get to see some adventures on Yancy Street with the kids?

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