Age of X-Man: Amazing Nightcrawler #4

Amazing Nightcrawler
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As always, I will be discussing specifics of this issue of the comic so if you do not want to spoil the issue before reading it stop reading right here. If you want to get caught up with a physical copy of this or any other issues, head right to and get caught up. If a physical copy is not your thing, you can sign up at where you can get caught up on a ton of titles with digital issues. Their unlimited subscription lets you read many back issues for a monthly fee.

Since this is the first issue I’ve reviewed from this limited series, I’ll provide a little back story from the previous issues. I believe, and I could be wrong because I missed Age of X-Man: Alpha since no one told me I should be reading it, that this 5 issue series is an alternate reality that spawned from the events of Uncanny X-Men. The X-Men fought against X-Man/Nate Grey as he tried to violently make the world accept mutants. He used his power in the fight to make all the X-Men vanish. There are five other mini-series and two bookends that will complete the entire story arc. I’m a huge Nightcrawler fan so I had to get this mini-series. The writers say that you can get the Alpha and Omega books (the two book ends) and any of the mini-series and understand the whole story so I’m just going with this one. In Nightcrawler’s X-Man reality, he is a famous movie star. With it seeming to be X-Man’s plan to show the X-Men a world where Mutants are accepted by Humans, this is the case for Nightcrawler. Movie star Kurt Wagner has a love interest in his co-star Meggan Puceanu/Gloriana. There a cast of other Mutants present in this reality, one group in particular are the hive mind Cuckoo sisters. The main surprise of the previous issue is Kurt receiving information about a little girl who looks exactly like him.

The issue starts with fight between mutants in a shopping mall with humans all around. The two groups of mutants are Kurt’s production company and a rival company. Luckily, Kurt notices that the crowd thinks it’s all a show. They are cheering on their favorite mutants as they fight. Kurt uses this to his advantage to diffuse the situation before any of the mutants or bystanders are seriously injured. At the end of the fight, he notices the girl from the file in the previous issue in the crowd along with Mystique (who Nightcrawler apparently does not know in this reality). Once the fight is over and Kurt is back with all his friends, he notices Meggan is missing. Kurt tells everyone he’s going to look for Meggan, but Celeste Cuckoo knows he’s going after the little girl. Irma Cuckoo tries to stop Celeste from helping Kurt for some reason, but she helps Nightcrawler teleport to the location of the little girl. Once there, he finds Meggan and the little girl sitting together watching a horror movie. What is even more confusing, Meggan turns into Mystique and Celeste tells Kurt she is taking the form of someone he knows from his past but shouldn’t know. She then starts talking about how this has happened before but proclaims this will be the last time as all the other mutants show up at the end.

If you are confused by all that, don’t worry, so am I. I love Nightcrawler as a character and he is probably my favorite Superhero. I can’t really tell you why, but from cartoons of the X-Men to video games growing up, he has always just been my favorite. This series seemed to want to almost show him as flawed with regard to his religious nature through the love interest but I’m glad they didn’t take that too any extreme. There was the weird masked cult thing that Meggan tried to get him to join but he wasn’t having that. I think that is more the nature of the world that they are in right now as close familial relationships are forbidden in this “perfect” world. To me, it feels like Kurt is figuring out whats going on, and apparently has figured it out a few times only to be sent to a reeducation camp. So #5 will conclude this series next month with the following month giving us Omega, to wrap up all six series. I’m thinking at that point, we will be getting the X-Men back to the prime Earth-616 to meet up with the newly resurrected Cyclops and Wolverine. I can’t wait to see how this concluded.

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