May 29, 2019

So looks like only 4 books this week. We will see once my son and I get to the comic book store.

  • Catwoman Annual #1 – I like this series so far. The art is great and the story gives an interesting look in to Selina Kyle’s life away from Batman.
  • Fantastic Four #10 – I had to jump on this one when it started over at #1. I have no idea how the FF got to where they are now but it has still been an excellent read.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #22 – This is the end of the Hunted story arc. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I also look forward to not having to buy an ASM book every week. 😉
  • X-23 #12 – This is absolutely one of my favorite books. It’s the story of Laura and Gabby Kinney, clones of Wolverine and their quest to make sure no one goes through what they did being raised as killers. Their interaction with each other are great and often hilarious, even in the midst of fighting for their lives.

If you have suggestions for pulls this week, feel free to let me know. Send an Email or leave a comment.

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